Featured image is the ancestral house of major poet and writer Prof. Armando Menezes.


  • Open to all residents of Goa, Goans in the diaspora, and non-Goans exploring Goa-related issues, this quarterly journal peer-reviews and showcases the short story. We consider all Konkani speaking people (from Karnataka and the Konkan region) to be part of the Goan diaspora.

  • You may also submit poetry, photography, book reviews,  memoir, literary nonfiction, academic papers pertaining to the arts and literature, which if selected will be hosted on the website. We cannot republish articles unless of excellent quality. Instead, we ask that you use this space to work on the sort of high quality literary writing which does not find a platform elsewhere.

  • You may submit a story in any genre. It should be between 1,000 - 3,000 words, typed and double-spaced. We cannot accept anything above 3,000 words and don't consider anything below 1,000 to be a short story. The submitted document must be anonymous and bear no trace of your name either in the file name or header.  Your attachment should be a word document. Please do not attach a pdf.

  • To submit, email your entry to joaoroqueliteraryjournal@yahoo.com the subject line: ‘Joao Roque Review Submission’.

  • The body of your email must contain your name, and in case of translations, your name and that of the original author, an address, a telephone number and a short bio.

  • Translations from Konkani, Marathi, and Portuguese are encouraged, as long as you have permission from the original author. In case your story is featured, you will share the credit/prize along with the original author.  

  • Except in the case of translation, your submission must be unpublished, including on private blogs or Facebook pages. You may submit no more than three pieces of writing per quarter. If your writing is accepted elsewhere for publication, please let us know as soon as possible.  If your entry is received after one specific reading period, it will be carried forward to the next.

  • Please don't take rejection seriously. Keep sending us your stories. The goal is to keep writing!!


  • A guest editor will review the entries blind and choose three stories to be featured on our website every quarter. Please bear with us - we are a small team. If your submission is selected you will be notified by email within the quarter.

  • The link will be featured to a worldwide audience through Goan Voice UK

  • Select stories may be considered for publication in a local newspaper - the name to be advised shortly. (Story may be edited to fit space).

  • Featured stories will be judged at the end of each calendar year for an overall excellence award and a winner will be announced on our website. 

  •  The winning story will be awarded a cash prize of IRS 10,000.

  • Select writers will be invited to read their stories at a literary evening hosted at the Dogears Bookstore, Margoa, Goa.

  • We retain the right to publish your story on our website, in a regional newspaper, and in an anthology. The world-wide copyright reverts back to the writer after first publication.

  • We are entirely self-funded and at this point in time unable to pay you. We do hope however to showcase your writing to a larger audience and mentor the craft.