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Our first reading period is between January to end-February 2017. Entries received after the reading period will be read during the next period. Our guest-editor for the first quarter is the elder statesman of Goan literature, Victor Rangel-Ribeiro. View SUBMIT for more information.

As a literary form, the short story has had a prominent place in Goan literature. With the short story as their weapon, appearing mostly in local newspapers and journals, Goan writers delighted in exposing the affectations, privilege and biases of the society they lived in. Frequently using satire, they took aim at personalities and peccadilloes with brutal honesty, which made for soiled reputations and public fracases, but also exquisite literature.

Goans continue to shine in the short story form, but platforms to showcase it are shrinking. It is with a view to promoting the short story that the Joao Roque Literary Review hopes to provide a platform and reward literary output in this form.

Featured in the launch issue


Salad - Rochelle Potkar

 Anatomy of Desire - Selma Carvalho

The Yellow Window - Rochelle Potkar



Goan Institute Nairobi, 1905 - Selma Carvalho

Reading Goan Women - Christopher Larkosh

Art - John Pereira

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