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A Goan in Macau by Jessica Faleiro

Status: Unknowable by R. Benedito Ferrão


Kiran by Salil Chaturvedi
Winner of the JRLJ Editor’s Choice 2018

Kitchen Drawer Guests by Mrinalini Harchandrai

Ghosts by Mrinalini Harchandrai

Confluence by Rochelle Potkar

Basanti Has Arrived … Hallelujah! by Marinella Proença


The Letters of C. E. U. Bremner: Same Old Tired Prejudices
By Selma Carvalho

literary essays

Portuguese Language Goan Literature: Whence, Whither and
Wherefore? By Paul Melo e Castro

The Konkani Short Story: Amplifying Unheard Voices
By Glenis M. Mendonça

Camões in Goa — The Journey of an Epic
By Jugneeta Sudan
Runner-up JRLJ Best in non-Fiction 2018


The Bog Bodies of Old Neighbours by Selma Carvalho

Unmatched by Jessica Faleiro
Winner of the JRLJ Best in Fiction 2017

The Thing About Myron by Roanna Gonsalves

Kokum by Sheela Jaywant
Runner-up JRLJ Best in Fiction 2018

Abhayaranya (A Forest Sanctuary) by Prakash S. Parienkar,
as translated by Vidya Pai

A Dolphin in the Ganges by Steve R. E. Pereira
Winner of the JRLJ Best in Fiction 2018

The Metamorphosis of Joe Pereira by Rochelle Potkar

Matters of the Heart by Victor Rangel-Ribeiro

You Can Never Be Too Careful by Augusto do R. Rodrigues
as translated by Paul Melo e Castro

short memoirs

Bombay Blues by Ahmed Bunglowala

The Bayingyi People of Burma by Yvonne Vaz Ezdani

Once Upon a Christmas by Reena Martins

Young Under the Apple Boughs by John Lawrence Nazareth

The Menino Will Come Tonight by Fatima M. Noronha
Winner of the JRLJ Best in non-Fiction 2017

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