Portugal looms large in the third issue of the Joao Roque Literary Journal. Not only did Portugal shape the literary, cultural and political discourse of nineteen century Goa but it also impacted the lives of those who left Goa.

Whether one emigrated to Bombay and assimilated with the culturally aligned East Indians and Mangaloreans, or travelled further to East Africa, and lived lives estranged from the Indian community precisely because they were Portuguese subjects, Portugal was ever-present. And after Liberation, Portugal continues in subtle ways to impact the Goan – creating a sense of ‘otherness’ from India. All this is reflected in both the fiction and non-fiction that is featured in this issue. 

The two contemporary fiction stories were selected by the editors because of the writers' ability to make Goa a central character and understand the importance of topicality in their short story writing. Rohan Govenkar’s narrator in Pink Fliers can not hide his disillusionment with a barely-functioning Goan polity, and uses to good effect childhood disappointment as allegory. Prashila Naik’s Beach Shack has a complex nineteen-year-old anti-hero, Joel, struggling with his sexual urges, juvenile delinquency and a sense of powerlessness when confronted by the vulgarity of nouveau-riche Indians. Original stories featured have the chance of winning Rs 10,000 and the possibility of print publication.

JRLJ Issue no. 3 Mar/Apr 2017
Pink Fliers by Rohan Govenkar
A disappointed child and a disillusioned adult.
Beach Shack by Prashila Naik
The anti-hero Joel coming to terms with India.
The Head Clerk translated from the Portuguese by Paul Melo
A parsimonious head clerk gets his comeuppance.

Desire by Frederika Menezes

New Flowers, Old Wrangles by R. Benedito Ferrao
Reinterpreting the play No Flowers, No Wreaths for a new age

The Goan Portuguese Novel by Cielo F. Festino
The novel as genre influenced by Goans writing in Portuguese.
The Fallacy of Vassanji’s Goans by Clifford J. Pereira
Inherent biases in the portrayal of Kenyan Goans by Vassanji.
A Village Dies: Goans, Mangaloreans & East Indians by S. Carvalho
Interwoven lives as depicted in the novel A Village Dies by Ivan Arthur.
A Passage to Kenya: Imperial Exploitations by S. Carvalho
Exploring imperial exploitations and the life of J. M. Nazareth in A Passage to Kenya by Lawrence Nazareth. 

Book Reviews
Age of Frenzy by Mohammad Farhan
India’s Wars: Seizing Goa by S. Carvalho

'Contemporary Artists Exhibition’ March 2017
Beautiful images loaned by art dealer and curator Swetlana Cardoso
Angela Ferrao
Illustrator, cartoonist and keen observer of our times.




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