Issue no. 6 December 2017


Remedies by Manohar Shetty

The Spirit of Life Must Move on
By Pundalik N. Naik translated from the Konkani by Vidya Pai

Penny by Jessica Faleiro

Sisters by Linken Fernandes

Chabad House by Rochelle Potkar

Mining Gallery by Manohar Shetty

The Dog is Sleeping by Abeer Y. Hoque

Bras Sousa: Goan Portuguese Consul in Zanzibar by S. Carvalho
Meeting the great-great grandson of Bras.

The Gates of Chorao by Salil Chaturvedi
An essay in 17 photographs of Goan gates

Book Discussion: Of Crioulos and Poskim by S. Carvalho
A discussion on Wendell Rodrick's book Poskem.

Victor Rangel-Ribeiro and the Short Story by S. Carvalho
The patriarch of the Goan short story

Interview with Bazil Mota by S. Carvalho
Including a slideshow of his impressionist-inspired paintings

Book Review
Ministry of Utmost Happiness
Review of Arundhati Roy's latest novel

Art Gallery
Photos of an exhibition Exposição de Art held in Goa in 1941

Photo above: Chorao gate by Salil Chaturvedi.
Below: Boats by Bazil Mota


Star gazing: a literary bonanza

It is perhaps fitting that the December issue of the Joao Roque Literary Journal is a bonanza of literary offering from Goan writers. The purpose of founding the journal was to give vent to our literary musings which perhaps don't find an airing as often as they should. Indeed, Goan writers have been writing away, quietly working on their craft and honing it to exquisite pieces of literature which we get to enjoy. As our first year comes to an end, we're happy to have been the platform for such happy sharing of literary works.

I urge our readers to visit each section offering a wealth of imagery in its varied forms, either through words or art or photography. Do not miss the opportunity to view the slideshows and exhibitions on display in this issue from poet Salil Chaturvedi's essay on the Gates of Chorao, to Bazil Mota's impressionist-inspired watercolour paintings, our art gallery which features a Goa exhibition entitled Exposição de Arte dating back to 1941, and the Nigerian-born, Bangladeshi-American writer's photo-poem, The Dog is Sleeping

Please keep those submissions coming for 2018. Slots fill up very quickly so do send us your submissions well in advance. We are now reading for the June 2018 issue. Submissions for the March 2018 issue are closed.

The results of the Best in Fiction and Non-Fiction for the year 2017, will be announced shortly.

Happy reading and writing.



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