The JRLJ 'Best in Fiction 2018' award is sponsored by the Goan Association UK.

Issue no. 7. March 2018


Play: X by Peter Nazareth
With a fresh introduction

The Thing about Myron
By Roanna Gonsalves

Dolphins in the Ganges
By Steve R. E. Pereira

Husain's Double
By Savia Viegas


Two Poems: Going to the River
By Suneeta Peres da Costa


Legacies of the Racialised Body
Artist TextaQueen in conversation with
Dr Ruth D'Souza

Excursions to the South
A look at the race politics of South Africa
By Clifford Pereira

When Home is an Idea
Poet Rochelle D'Silva in conversation with
author Jessica Faleiro

The Bayingyi People of Burma
An insight into the Bayingyi community
By Yvonne Vaz Ezdani

The banner photos are reproduced by kind permission of:
Dhow by Emiliano Joanes
Maciel family in UK, 1966 by Mervyn Maciel.
Dr Rosendo Ribeiro c. 1900 Nairobi. In public domain.
Seraphino Antao, Dublin, 1962,  Antao family archives.
Collage created by Jessica Faleiro



By Jessica Faleiro and R. Benedito Ferrao





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