Two Poems
By Sandeep B. Doifode.


If I dont wake up,
Its the chaos in me.
Looking for a crack,
A tiny crack and itll be all over me.
Winter is the cruelest season.
There is something inside,
That never sleeps.
And in the dark silent nights,
I hear a voice.


I need this air

I said I hate the village life,
The stinking people and barking dogs.
I cant breathe here,
I need some air.
Can we shift to the city?
She said they comfort her,
The noisy dogs and stinking people.
I wont sleep there,
I need my soul,
I need this air.
I forced her to the city,
And now my Mother hardly sleeps.

Sandeep B. Doifode is an aspiring writer and poet, currently reading English Literature at Goa University, India. His poems have been published in newspapers regionally and nationally, including the The Sentinel, Assam. His other interests include drama, traveling and social work.